Birdie Basics

The goal of Birdie Basics is to empower children as young as age 3 via golf—and, by extension, grow the game.

Birdie Basics was developed by Kate Tempesta’s Urban Golf Academy in New York City. This unique, effective curriculum is the result of hundreds of golf classes that Kate and her staff taught to toddlers and young kids for more than 10 years. We’ve refined and packaged it into Birdie Basics so that young children across the country (and around the world) can fall in love with the game of golf—or at the very least have fun while building self-confidence.

Most golf techniques are beyond the reach of little ones. Here’s why Birdie Basics works:

  • Whole-Child Approach
    • Our curriculum develops all facets of the child—physical, social, emotional, cognitive—for a better experience and outcome.
  • Story-Based Creative Play
    • Children learn better when they are using their imaginations and having fun. Our activities leverage storytelling and creative play to keep kids engaged and delighted

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