Golf Clinics & Camps

Classes are limited to the first 8 signups, golf course strategy clinic is limited to the first 4 signups. Please contact us for pricing, specific clinic dates and times.

Power Clinic

Have you every wondered why you can’t hit it farther?  Have you noticed that you are not hitting it as far as you use to? During this class we will use the Trackman Launch Monitor and BodiTrak to see where your current swing metrics are at and go over concepts that will help you maximize power output for your specific body type and movement capabilities.   

Trackman Clinic

The trackman clinic will cover basic trackman concepts and how you can use this technology to your advantage to help improve your game.  If time permits golfers may also experience the trackman combine and test center.  

Short Game Clinic

During the short game clinic, we will cover various concepts ranging from chipping, pitching, bunker, finesse shots, and specialty wedge shots.  


The putting clinic will go over concepts of distance and directional control, and green reading.  Using various training concepts and drills we will help you become a more consistent putter to help you take those strokes off your game.  

Golf Course Strategy

This will be a 2-2.5-hour clinic where we will go out on the golf course and go over course strategy, mental game concepts, and routines that will help you take strokes off your golf game.  This clinic is limited to the first 4 golfers.