About Us

Our Training Philosophy

Here at John Kim Golf Academy we do not teach a specific method because every golfer has their unique blueprint in the golf swing. We consider each golfer’s unique body type and different athletic ability when helping you build your type of golf swing. Every golfer that comes to see us have different sets of goals in mind but we all have one common goal of wanting to shoot lower scores on a consistent basis. Whether you are a golfer that wants to break 100, 90,80 or want to play competitive golf we have different roadmaps to get there. Through our expert knowledge we have a passion to help golfers of all ages and skill levels reach their full potential. We use the latest in game improvement technology to help measure and track golf swing data to help golfers better understand their current flaws and to help reach your specific goals.

Our Instructors

John Kim, PGA

Director of Instruction

John has traveled all over the world teaching golf and learning from the best minds in the game.  John makes the complications of the golf swing sound simple, so his students can understand the concepts and put it to use in their own golf swings and games.  Everyone is built differently so we can’t all swing the same way, but there are fundamentals that all great ball strikers have in common.  Through our different styles we can all reach a fundamentally sound impact position to reach our maximum potential.  

John has expert knowledge, skill, and experience to help improve your game.  John has worked with players of all skill levels including tour professionals, college players, elite juniors, recreational golfers and beginning golfers. John is a master clubfitter with a specialty in custom club-building and club-repair. His knowledge base and certifications include:

  • PGA of America Class A Professional Certified in Teaching and Coaching
  • Trackman Golf Level 2 Certified Professional
  • TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Level 3 Golf Coach & Junior Coach
  • NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Trainer
  • AimPoint Express Green Reading Certified Instructor
  • Dr. Kwon’s Golf Biomechanics Certified Instructor
  • BioSwing Dynamics Instructor
  • US Kids Golf Certified Coach
  • Ping Certified Fitter
  • Edel Golf Certified Fitter
  • Master Custom Clubbuilder/Repair Specialist
  • Sam Putt Lab Level 2 Instructor
  • BodiTrak Golf Certified Teaching Professional
  • Swing Catalyst Certified Instructor

Ken Kunzler

Staff Instructor

Ken has studied and played golf around the world for over 25 years. After retiring from the military, he followed his passion for the game and graduated from the Golf Academy of America with honors. His philosophy is to create a fun teaching environment by keeping instruction simple and easy to understand.  He focuses on  basic fundamentals of the golf swing, short game, and putting. Through on course playing lessons, Ken teaches the importance of course management, and mental aspects of the game. He’s a certified teaching professional, club fitter, and club builder.